During 2015


100% of nurseries and schools have re-booked.


98% of parents are happy with our service


88% of parents say our pricing is 'about right'


99% of parents say we provide a good choice of photographs




"the proofs we have had back are fantastic, better than any nursery/school photo we have had before" 


"...say a heartfelt thank you, for the amazing week of photography and the excellent quality of photographs. Feedback from parents has been so positive, and their comments about the effort that has clearly been put in have been wonderful to hear"



Our availability is limited as we do not sub contract work out and limit the number of nurseries and schools we do to ensure our high standards are maintained.


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October 2018 - 8th, 9th, 17th available

November 2018 - Fully booked

December 2018 - Fully booked

January 2019 - Fully booked

February 2019 - Fully booked

March 2019 - Availability

April 2019 - Availability

May 2019 - Limited availability

June 2019 - Limited availability

July 2019 - Good availability

August 2019 - Good availability

September 2019 - Limited availability

October 2019 - Very limited availability

November 2019 - Fully booked

December 2019 - Fully booked